Best Winter Maintenance Tips — How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

We all know how unpredictable Colorado weather can be. Before that first cold snap takes you by surprise, do the...
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Think Twice, Buy Once

In this sudden housing frenzy we find ourselves in, it is tempting to offer on as many homes as possible,...
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Don't Get Scorched in a Hot Real Estate Market–Find a Good Realtor!

With multiple on-line search engines at your fingertips, why work with a realtor when buying a home or investment property?...
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Before You Buy a Home

Fed up with skyrocketing rents, noisy neighbors, and no parking? Buying a home could be the best financial decision you make...
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Ask Nancy: How to Know You've Found the Right Home Inspector

Any Realtor® worthy of the name will be able to recommend an eagle-eyed home inspector—it’s part of the full service...
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Ask Nancy: Retiring in Denver? Consider these things….

One of the advantages of reaching retirement age is that it is easier to gauge future needs. When it comes...
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