We Give You Real Estate Options!

Hi. Not all realtors and property managers are created equally. We bring our
previous background, knowledge and expertise to the business of managing
homes for owners or helping buyers or sellers with the very difficult and often
confusing aspects of buying or selling a home. Nancy has been a successful
property manager for 12 years and a full service realtor for 7 years.

Nancy Page Cooper has worked in corporate communications, customer service,
marketing, operations and sales for many years and applies the principles she
learned in these professions to offer you a competent and professional view
of managing homes or buying or selling. She is a graduate of Northeastern
University in Boston in Marketing and has studied extensive sales procedures, as well as
personality skill training and project management to be able to offer you all the
services you need to be successful

Our Buying or Selling Philosophy

Why Nancy? “I don’t care if you are buying a $50,000 home or a million dollar
plus home… Our mission is to make sure you acquire a home that is worth the
money, is constructed well and will offer you a lifestyle that blends into your long
term goals. That means not being house poor so you can enjoy this wonderful
life. The top stressful things in life are marriage, divorce and buying/selling
your home. We aim to reduce the stress of home buying. “

Our Property Management Philosophy

Why Nancy? “I have never had an eviction. Yet only in the last
6 months have I had people walk out of leases that we have been able to
successfuly re-rent. A property manager needs exceptional communication skills and
attention to detail to successfully develop a business of helping people with their homes. Over ten years ago we started with one property and now we have properties all over the Denver Metro area. We really care about your home as if it was our home.. We save you money yet increase your home’s value by finding the right people to take care of your home”.

We give you Real Estate Options!

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